Oldest Living City on Earth – isn’t this sufficient to arouse your desire to travel to Varanasi !! Just imagine a city as old as Babylon still bustling with life and activity without any interruption in between. Yes this is Varanasi. Walk along the ghats of the rive Ganges teeming with the austere clad yogis sitting on the edges, See the faithful cleanse themselves of their sins with a holy dip, temples, aarti – here you find soul of India. A little away is Sarnath where lord Buddha preached his sermon.

To feel the essence of this four thousand year old Indian civilization, you have to come Varanasi since this city only had been the witness. Varanasi sums up what Mark Twain once said: “is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together”

Truly, a travel to Varanasi would take you to the oldest living city of the world where time has lost its course in ancient temples, the sacred river Ganges and the serpentine lanes and by-lanes of the cityscape.

The city is a prime destination in Uttar Pradesh as well as India. The antiquity of the place is the biggest of all tourist attractions in Varanasi. Varanasi finds mention in the epics as old as the Mahbharata and the Jataka tales of Buddhism. Travel to Varanasi to see how the flow of life has remained unusually continuous in this city while contemporary civilizations in different parts of the world have been obliterated in course of time.

Visit the old temples; take a boat-ride along the river Ganges. Abundant glimpses of austere Hindu monks in saffron would mark your travel to Varanasi. Legends and myths linger in the Ghats (numerous concrete pavilions at the riverfronts plunging into the Ganges). Watch how devout Hindus take a dip into the unhygienic water of the river and perform rituals faithfully. The city has also been the cradle of Buddhism. Take a short tour to the site of ancient Sarnath Stupas as you travel to Varanasi. Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon here

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